A Window That’s Also A Balcony

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A company named VELUX has created an amazing product for anyone looking to take full advantage of a relatively small amount of space. This window, which doubles as a balcony, is a stylish and innovative option that can transform a room in one fell swoop. A video advertising it has gone viral and people all over the world want to know more.

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VELUX is a Danish manufacturing company that specializes in roof windows and skylights. The company is headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark. Their website describes the product, technically called the Cabrio, as a balcony that “opens in seconds to give your loft space a place in the sun. The innovative balcony adds air, light and a great view to your home. For added convenience, the VELUX CABRIO balcony fits flush with the roof when closed.”

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There are different size and color options, with the price typically ranging anywhere from around $2,000 to $5,000, with replacement models running significantly cheaper than the brand new ones. They also offer blinds, a no leak promise, a variety of accessories, natural ventilation and a warranty, as well as clean, quiet and safe glass. There are different exterior finished like aluminum, copper, zinc and color.

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The top opens like a normal roof window, but the bottom has barriers that unfold, the defining factor of the product’s incredible design. VELUX says that “with a small investment, you can dramatically transform any room in your home with daylight and fresh air. In the long run, installing roof windows will help you save on your utility bills. Costs vary depending on the number of roof windows and your ceiling type.” Check out the video below to see it in action…


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