AI-Driven Race Car Makes History At Roborace

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Yes, there’s actually a driverless race car that runs completely on Artificial Intelligence. Not only does this exist, it’s also achieving amazing success in the world of autonomous competition.

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Imagine a race comprised completely of regular-sized toy cars. No drivers. An event called Roborace is the first global motorsport championship with autonomously driving, electrically powered vehicles. The competitors must begin their designs with a default chassis and powertrain, then develop the rest of the build themselves.

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Teams construct a driveless race car equipped with real time-computing algorithms and other AI components. The series uses FIA Formula E Championship race tracks to experiment with different components and various competitive formats. It’s advertised on its website as, “An extreme Motorsport and Entertainment platform for the future of road relevant technologies."

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The event recently made news when its Roborace driverless car, which was designed by Daniel Simon, completed a hillclimb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, making it the first ever autonomous race car to do so. This accomplishment came after multiple practice runs, which all went well and prepared it to officially finish the challenge in front of tens of thousands of spectators.

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55,000 people watched the Robocar, using cameras, sensors and mapping technology, attempt and complete the 1.16-mile route at no more than 75mph, or 120km/h. After making history, the team is still eager to confirm the results with more successful tests throughout the rest of the weekend. For now, they’re more interested in consistency rather than improving the race times.

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Both the chief operating officer of Roborace and the founder of the festival were thrilled with the achievement, especially considering it happened on the very first run. Check out the awesome footage below...

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