Alley-Oop Dog Is The Real-Life Air Bud

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Max Pearce wowed in the 2018 College Dunk Contest when he pulled off a one-handed self-alley-oop dunk while filming himself with a cell phone in his other hand. Now he’s back with another impressive dunk, but this time, he’s not alone. In a video he posted on Twitter, that has since gone viral, Pearce is seen getting an alley-oop from a very talented dog who is reminding everyone of Air Bud…

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Air Bud is a comedy movie that came out in the ‘90s centered on a dog called Air Buddy, a cross-bred Golden Retriever, who shoots hoops. In the film, a young boy finds a stray dog who can play basketball. He eventually joins the school team, with Buddy as the team mascot, where they become the half-time stars, and eventually Air Buddy actually plays in a game. The movie was a hit with kids and basketball fans alike.

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The premise of Air Bud seemed impossible until Pearce posted the amazing video. He’s been practicing a lot since signing with the Harlem Globetrotters. Viewers of the clip think the team should also recruit the alley-oop dog, who would work well with the spectacle and fun the Globetrotters bring to all their exhibition games against the Washington Generals.

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While many are comparing the alley-oop dog to Air Bud, who also played Comet on Full House, some fans feel no one can ever take Buddy’s place. The film was so popular it spawned 12 sequels, and its own production company, Air Bud Entertainment. As for Pearce’s pup, hopefully we’ll see more videos and more tricks in the build up to his debut with the Globetrotters. Check out the video below…

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