Apple To Reveal A Dozen New Products Soon

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Between now and the end of the year, Apple will reveal three new iPhones, updated iPad Pros, bigger Apple Watches, a brand new laptop with a better screen, a pro-focused Mac Mini desktop computer and a variety of new accessories including the Airpower wireless charger.

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The launch begins this Wednesday in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California and will continue over the next four months and throughout the holidays. First come the iPhones, which generate the majority of their revenue with around two-thirds of all Apple purchases along with subsequent services like app subscriptions, content downloads, and iCloud storage.

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Behind the scenes, the company is dealing with Trump’s tariffs on products from China. The President hopes this will return Apple manufacturing to the United States, but in the meantime, it will definitely cause higher prices. In regard to the products, many of the upgrades will come in the form of bigger and better screens for iPhones, laptops and watches, as well as a new charger and a completely revamped MacBook, iPad and Mac Mini.

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In addition to the improved screens, iPhones will also be equipped with faster processors and upgraded cameras. The model, which will likely be called the iPhone Xs, will come in gold, as well as the previously released grey and silver versions. There will also be a cheaper option with an LCD screen, instead of the new OLED technology, that will use aluminum as opposed to stainless steel. Along with the wireless charger, a new Macbook will target consumers and schools, with new iPads offering slimmer bezels and Face ID. And finally, the Mac Mini desktop model is getting its first upgrade in four years.

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