Apple Watch To Feature Walkie-Talkie Mode

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During the company’s annual developer conference, the WWDC, or Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple discussed a new app, called Walkie-Talkie, that adds a walkie-talkie feature to the Apple Watch. Kevin Lynch, their VP of Technology, said from the stage in the San Jose Convention Center, “It’s a fun, easy way to talk with friends and family.”

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Once users have the app, they’ll need to send a request to who they’d like to communicate with, as long as the receiver also has the app. Once received, the other user would have to choice to accept or decline. If they choose the former, the option to use it is available any time. The app connects the watches over cellular and Wi-Fi, and also provides the option to send short voice messages to contacts.

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When recording, the other user will feel some sort of haptic feedback and then immediately hear whatever’s being said. Most users will more than likely opt out of having the feature on all the time, but it will certainly be tempting to at least try. Many have been anxiously awaiting this since Apple first started discussing it around 2014, a year before the watch was released.

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This new feature comes along with the watchOS 5 software update, which will also include health and fitness tracking, as well as software that aligns with screen time limitations. There will also be enhancements made to Siri, like not having to say “Hey Siri” to activate it, along with additions to the watch face like sports, maps and heart rate information. Aside from Walkie-Talkie, the new update will support third-party apps. Check out the video below to see the presentation...

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