Benches Clear Between Dodgers And Rangers

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While hockey is known for its spontaneous brawls, most MLB games go down without a hitch. But every once in a while, something goes wrong and the benches clear. This happened last night between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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It was the bottom of the third inning, and the Dodgers were leading 2-0. After a Kike Hernandez hit to right field, Matt Kemp was waved to home plate. As the Dodgers player sprinted around third base, Rangers right fielder Nomar Mazara threw the ball perfectly to catcher Robinson Chirinos, who was ready for the approaching Kemp well before he made it to the plate.

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In this situation, the runner has two options: slide or run over the catcher. Kemp opted for the latter, charging into Chirinos unsuccessfully as he held his ground and got the inning-ending out. But he still wasn’t happy with Kemp’s attempt. Chirinos pushed Kemp, who shoved back, and within seconds both benches were cleared.

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The crowd went crazy, with a chorus of cheers and boos echoing through the stadium as the players created a giant mosh pit in the middle of the diamond. As intensely as it started, it didn’t get too far before being broken up. Many MLB fights can be pretty rough, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed and no one was seriously hurt, except for one of the players who wasn’t even involved in the actual conflict.

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Apparently, The Rangers Chris Martin tweaked his hamstring running in from the bullpen when the fight broke out. While the two players who started it, Matt Kemp and Robinson Chirinos, were ejected, the game resumed and ended with the Dodgers winning 3-2 after 11 innings. Check out footage of the fight below...

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