Boot Camp Spain Will Get You Fit, Like It Or Not

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When you think of vacationing in Spain you probably imagine sipping margaritas in a villa or taking a siesta on la playa (the beach). Well apparently you can now do that while also busting your butt in structured workouts.

Hillmotts Retreat is nestled on 5-acres in Almeria, Spain, overlooking the sea and nearby mountain range. The dry, Mediterranean climate offers a perfect environment for physical fitness as well as relaxation.

The facility contains many amenities found at any resort. You know, things like Wi-Fi, a heated outdoor pool, and even a washing machine and dryer to clean your sweaty clothes. Sounds awesome, right?

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Fitness boot camps are a great way to help you hit the reset button while enjoying some new and beautiful scenery. You might be thinking things like, "hey, if I'm going to visit Spain for the first time, I sure as heck aren't working out!" Or, "boot camp and siesta-ing don't mix, period." While this trip might not be ideal for some, it will be a great balance of work and play for others.

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Don't worry, these "boot camps" aren't exactly patterned after the military. There are plenty of opportunities for more holistically attuned activities like yoga or meditation, but there are also ways for people who ARE serious about cardio to find their groove.

Imagine spending your mornings running through the hills, or sprinting through sand along the beach? Okay, that's a bit of a workout, but it's a good workout no less.

You have the options of using kettlebells, going on hikes, doing boxing, leg workouts, and core exercises.

These are the kinds of fun activities you will be doing on the Iberian Peninsula, along with the occasional relaxation session of course.

Why experience this? To escape ruts you may have fallen into in your home life. These ruts happen to all of us from time to time. The important thing is to get our motivational libido back. Strenuous exercise is sometimes the perfect remedy for this.

Special offers are available for 3 Day or 4 Day Residential Bootcamps ranging from 189 British pounds to 299 British pounds, which is between $110-$230 USD. Not a bad price to pay for a fitness adventure unlike any other. Hillmotts also offers programs in Britain, for those who like braving colder climates. There are also some healthy eating options for you too. Remember, fitness is two parts exercise and one part healthy eating, or something like that.

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