Boston Dynamics' Robots Are Getting Smarter

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Boston Dynamics continue to outdo themselves when it comes to the advancements of their robots.

Boston Dynamics

The Atlas and SpotMini robots, one with two legs and human-like features and the other with four legs and dog-like features, can both now run and navigate terrain with impressive accuracy. The Atlas has blown minds in the past by doing a backflip and stacking boxes. Recently, it was even recorded jumping over an obstacle after running through a field, which can be seen in the video below. The footage looks fake, but it is in fact real. This can be said about all the amazing content on their YouTube channel.

Boston Dynamics

As impressive as the Atlas jump is, the SpotMini was filmed walking through an entire building and then even going up and down stairs. The robot is manually driven with help from the use of visual data received through a front-facing camera. It’s all-electric and has a charge that last for around an hour and a half, more or less depending on what it’s doing. And the company has several other models like the Handle, LS3, WildCat, BigDog, SandFlea and RHex, all with their own impressive features.

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics’ engineers and scientists started at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They build their robots by "combining the principles of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs, cutting-edge electronics, and software for perception, navigation, and intelligence.” These machines not only show what is capable in the realm of robotics, but are also designed to have real world functionality. Check out the video to see the most recent display, and visit their website for info on more of their incredible creations...

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