Budweiser Launched A Prohibition-Era Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Budweiser has taken a second to memorialize older times, but not in the way you'd expect. The self-proclaimed 'King of Beers' has released a non-alcoholic beer in honor of the era when alcohol wasn't allowed in the U.S.

Prohibition Brew is supposed to taste similar to a normal Budweiser, just without the slight buzzed feeling you get for 5 minutes after sipping. It joins other non-alcoholic beers on the market like O'Douls, Molson Excel, and Bitburger Drive.

Of course the easy joke here is that you won't be able to notice the difference between non-alcoholic Budweiser and regular Budweiser. Now that we've gotten it out of the way let's continue...

The Look

Gotta say, the can certainly looks the part. The black and white lettering reminds us of newsprint (something most of us don't interact with today), and the simplistic nature of the can is perfect for the era it's copying.


Surprisingly, the beer is quite heavy in the calorie department. One 12 ounce serving has 150 cals! This is more than many alcoholic beers. Heck, a 12 ounce serving of Guinness is only 125 calories. Usually the calorie count corresponds with the beer's alcohol level—the higher the alcohol, the higher the calories. Not in this case. It's just a heavy beverage.

What Does Beer Advocate Think?

The online bible of beer, BeerAdvocate.com weighed in on the Prohibition Brew. The consensus? A 2 out of 5 stars. Granted, some reviewers think it tastes better than a regular Budweiser. Yikes.


As with the standard Bud, this drink is fairly sweet and emanates faint yeast and minimal bitterness. Translation, it's nothing particularly special.

Worth It?

We hate to go back to the calorie count, but it kind of makes this beer pointless to drink. The idea behind non-alcoholic beer isn't just to avoid buzzing, it's to avoid the unnecessary calories. At least this is what's supposed to happen. Budweiser would be better off making an anti-Prohibition Brew that actually contains alcohol, or at the very least they should try suiting up their normal beer in these nice looking cans.

Budweiser clearly made this product purely from a place of marketing without lending any adherence to quality. But the King of Beers is that for a reason. They know how to market their goods.

Last year, they announced they'd be going all-in to the country music world with a three-story touring structure called The Budweiser Country Club which would hit Stagecoach, Country 500, CMA Music Festival and Faster Horses.


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