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It’s easy to forget that animals require doctor visits too. For residents of the Oregon Zoo, health exams are routine, and sometimes include x-rays. In order to diagnose certain illnesses and injuries, vets use state-of-the-art equipment, funded largely by Banfield Pet Hospital, in their digital radiology. This practice allows the animal experts to have access to faster results and more thorough impressions of what’s going on with their patients.

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p>The veterinary staff is also able to fine-tune the x-ray images in order to minimize anesthesia and expedite the actual length of their exams. This makes checkups and treatment much safer for the animals while reducing the risk of any further complications. Beyond the images’ direct application, the zoo is also able to archive the x-ray results for future use, as well as share them with other vets and zoos.

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p> While the x-rays certainly help take better care of the animals, they’re also helping animal lovers get in the Halloween spirit by showing them a different side of their favorite creatures. The zoo has released a collection of the images online, and people are loving them. The video on the Oregon Zoo’s YouTube channel, which can be seen below, takes viewers into the lab and through the process…

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p>The collection features images of a turtle, a Meller’s chameleon, a Toco toucan’s head and beak, an American beaver’s tail, a Rodrigues flying fox, an Amur tiger’s paw, and a Golden eagle’s legs. According to the Oregon Zoo, “The digital system produces images with great detail and clarity. It helps ensure excellent health care for the animals, and it also provides a unique glimpse inside the world of wildlife.”

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