Did The Simpsons Predict This Year's World Cup Final?

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Over 20 years ago, all the way back in 1997, in The Simpsons episode The Cartridge Family, Mexico and Portugal played in a fictitious match "to determine which nation is the greatest on Earth.” Fast forward to the present, and some soccer fans are anxious to see if that will reflect what’s going to happen in Russia.

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First of all, both Mexico and Portugal have to end up in the World Cup final, which is definitely a possibility, especially considering Portugal’s dramatic draw with Iran. Portugal, in Group B, is favored over Mexico, at the top of Group F, but anything can happen between now and the showdown for the championship. While the game in the animated episode doesn’t have a specific date attached to it, fans are still studying the details for anything that might apply today. One of the applicable elements has to do with the Mexico team.

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The Cartridge Family features Homer, Marge and the kids watching a commercial for a soccer game between Mexico and Portugal, who, at the time, were ranked 11th and 27th in the world, respectively. It’s a quick moment in the episode, but there was one thing on the show that jumped out at avid World Cup watchers, and it involves a scandal from earlier this year. Before the tournament began, the Mexican team allegedly partied with several women. Could this be the link?

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On top of this, back in 2014, another Simpsons episode called You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee accurately foretold that Germany would win that year’s World Cup. And the beloved animated show has also predicted some other important cultural milestones over the years. Check out the clip from the 1997 episode below...


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