Drone Captures Isolated Amazon Tribe

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There have been several occasions of cameras capturing rare footage of never-before-seen tribes, but since the invention of the drone, the probability of this happening has definitely increased. The most recent shots, of a tribe that has been studied for years, shows the first actual footage of them in Brazil. It’s hard for many to believe that these types of groups still exist, but thankfully we have things like this to show how those completely disconnected from the rest of the world live.

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The aerial images feature 16 people, one of whom is carrying a bow and arrow, moving in and out of the jungle and a deforested area. The organization hopes that unveiling the evidence of the tribe’s existence will help protect them and other similar groups. The name of the tribe has yet to be identified and released, but the group who’s studying it has some theories on its ethnicity and the language it speaks.

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Funai, Brazil’s agency for indigenous affairs, was using the drones in a 2017 expedition to monitor isolated communities. Apparently, there are 11 confirmed groups in Vale do Javari, an indigenous territory in the southwestern part of the state of Amazonas. The president of Funai, Wallace Bastos, said in an interview, "These images have the power to make society and the government reflect on the importance of protecting these groups.”

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Bruno Pereira, one of Funai’s top coordinators, added, "The more we know about isolated communities' way of living, the more equipped we are to protect them.” They have registered 107 tribes all across Latin America. While they try to gather as much photographic and video evidence as possible, they do not make contact with the tribes, as this can be incredibly dangerous. Check out some of the new footage below…


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