Facebook Joins The List of Social Media Apps That've Added Stories

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In another case of monkey-see, monkey-do, Facebook has joined its baby—Instagram—in adding a shareable stories feature to its app. That's right, you can now share your experiences of the past 24 hours in a timeline format that disappears after the 24 hours are up.

Each person's story is listed atop the Facebook app in a similar format to Instagram.

In case you've forgotten, here's Instagram's stories interface...

And here's Facebook's...

One could claim an intellectual property dispute. That is, if Facebook didn't own Instagram.

The move signals an industry-wide transition towards catering to a largely mobile audience, since well over 50% of internet interactions now occur on the mobile medium. It's essentially going to be a "mobile newsfeed" for Facebook users.

Facebook is also introducing a new messaging system to cater to the nature of stories. Similar to Snapchat's direct messaging, where you can send multiple friends photos and videos, Facebook is embodying the same share ability features in this service called Direct.

The question now would be, where does Snapchat go from here? The app still sees around 200 million visitors but this pales in comparison to Facebook which is up in the billions! Meanwhile Instagram is gaining momentum, currently at 600 million users and rising. In January of this year, a report was released indicating a sizable transition in users going from Snapchat to Instagram users since Instagram launched its competing stories feature last August. Declines in Snapchat Stories range in view count losses of between 15 to 40 percent. This could send Snapchat's IPO into turmoil, but for now we'll just have to wait and see.

Facebook has sprinkled stories across all of its primary apps including Messenger and WhatsApp signaling a strong faith in the feature that seems to be quite popular among teenagers and early 20-somethings.

How does it work? If you're familiar with Instagram then your learning curve will be zilch. All you have to do is press the "Your Story" icon on the top of your Facebook app and the camera will open up to let you record. If you'd rather send a direct message, press the "Direct" icon next to "Your Story."

You can customize these stories any way you'd like, via filters, drawings, creative text, and your own imagination. They are a great way to interact with friends while having unlimited creative freedom along the way.

Will Facebook stories begin to overtake both Snapchat and Instagram? This will be the most interesting aspect to monitor.


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