Kangaroo Dances with a Golf Flag

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A kangaroo in Australia gave golfers quite a show when it did an odd dance in front of a golf flag. After approaching one of the greens on Queensland's Noosa Golf Course, the animal first smelled the pole, then tried to punch and/or grab the flag before finally dancing for a bit. The wind-blown flag really mesmerized the marsupial and led to one of the most unusual moments ever captured on a course. But this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened…

National Geographic

It’s actually pretty common in Australia for kangaroos to populate golf courses. Some argue that their presence improves the game. There is even a Kangaroo Golf Club in Melbourne, which is technically called Anglesea Golf Club, where hundreds of them roam around freely. A total of over 350 kangaroos, which is basically 20 per hole, casually live on the grounds and seem virtually unaffected by the players and even the carts. Golfers actually have to actively avoid the animals just to get through a round.

Flickr / Tom Walter

Over the sixty years since the course opened the kangaroo population has grown to a staggering degree. While the animals are protected there, they are also attracted to the course’s healthy grass that serves as their food. This isn’t the only course that has dealt with kangaroos. St. Georges Basin Country Club at Sanctuary Point and Coffin Bay near Port Lincoln in South Australia have also hosted the animals, and even an emu every once in a while.

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Apparently, we’re now right in the midst of kangaroo mating season and the dancing one appears to be a young male, which might explain its weird behavior. Check out the entire incident in the video below...


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