15 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Made

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Shoe collecting is a sport in its own right. When compiling a fancy collection, price can be no object. Thus, the following uber expensive pairs of shoes should not dissuade you from purchase, if you really want to own the best that is. Let's examine 15 of the priciest kicks around, and figure out why they come with such a steep price tag.

1. Air Jordan 2 Eminem 313

Price: $1,000

Released: December 2008

Number of pairs made: 313

Any shoe with the words "Air and "Jordan" costs well into the three figure range, with some limited editions reaching into the $1,000s. This particular one is a member of the latter category. The reason for the high price tag? Well like I said, it is a special edition. The retro design and the name Eminem tends to drive up the value quite a bit.

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