A New Dating App Promises To Be Tinder For Air Travel

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The legendary Mile High Club is an elite club. Not many people can claim to have joined it. But a new app might be the common person's golden ticket.

The app, called AirDates, allows travelers to find dates and flings while in the airport, on an airplane, and after their flight lands. You could always just walk up to someone and start a conversation, but why do that when you can have your phone do it for you?

The app encourages people to post their travel itineraries ahead of time, in order to collaborate with potential mates. It also allows a Tinder-like matching functionality based on proximity, so you can find someone while waiting for your flight.

Who knows, maybe you can even meet a nice TSA agent to give you a full patdown.

The hope is that if the app becomes popular, people will be able to link up with other passengers taking their same flight. And if there's chemistry, it can move off the plane into other venues. Such as baggage claim, or the taxi stand.

The app's major selling point is that you can operate it while in airplane mode. Tinder, Bumble and the other major dating apps can't make the same claim.

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According to the company's CEO Michael Richard, an airplane is the "safest place to have a date." Okay, sure. But what about when the date goes sour and then you're trapped in a metal tube with the person for five hours? And you have to tell them to go back to their preassigned seat?

Or maybe it goes well, and you head to the bathroom. Your induction into the Mile High club could be a pleasant, celebratory affair. Or it could land you in serious trouble. While a majority of flight attendants say they'd let it slide if you weren't doing something insane, getting caught having sex on an airplane is technically legally actionable. In the UK, it carries a six-month prison sentence. And in America, you can befall the wrath of Homeland Security. Whether it's worth the risk is a matter of personal disposition.

So maybe have your date in the air, and save the rest of it for your destination. Or at least the airport.

If the app takes off (har har), it could have a significant impact on the experience of air travel. Maybe airlines will start discounting the seats next to the bathrooms.

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