News Cameras Caught Burnt Boat Sinking Live

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Reporting news from the field can be a dangerous and unpredictable job. Sometimes the real news happens when correspondents are covering what they thought would be the subject of their story.

Twitter - @kcraBrianHickey

This occurred recently with Brian Hickey, a general assignment reporter for Sacramento’s KCRA, who was called to the scene of a boat fire. Residents reported the incident to firefighters around 5:30 in the morning and by then the fire had already gutted the interior of the yacht. This was a pretty good story, but that was just the beginning.

Twitter - @kcraBrianHickey

Hickey and his crew arrived at the Happy Harbor Marina in Isleton where the burning boat, which sat in a very precarious position at the first slip, was threatening the surrounding vessels. Because the escape ramp was next to the fire, guests had to either run and risk burning or jump in the water to avoid the flames. Thankfully, everyone made it safely out of harms way. One man told KCRA, "That was hot. With the wind blowing that direction, the embers were amazing. Thank goodness the other two wooden boats down the way didn’t catch.”

Twitter - @kcraBrianHickey

It took firefighters about an hour to secure the scene, leaving behind just the smoking hull of the boat. This is around when KCRA started its video feed. Hickey thought he was just summarizing the morning’s events as firefighters collected their equipment in the background. With the cameras rolling, Hickey stopped his report to turn and catch the boat as it sank into the water. Watch the video below to see the perfectly timed moment...

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