Ronnie Stanley Just Adopted An Unlikely Pet

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In a move that made every girl in the universe go "Aaaaawwww," Ronnie Stanley, 1st round draft pick for the Baltimore Ravens, recently adopted the last dog anyone expected to be adopted.

Stanley, his girlfriend and fellow Raven Alexander Lewis went to the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore and asked them to show him the oldest, most decrepit, least-adoptable dog they had. They introduced them to a few different dogs, but one named Winter caught Ronnie's eye.

Winter is a six year old female pitbull who, until meeting her new dad, led a pretty hard life. She was found abandoned in a vacant property, trapped inside on a hot day with no water or ventilation. She was in a bad state when she was found, terrified and severely dehydrated.

Ronnie Stanley - 1 Facebook / BARCS

Winter also has a distended belly, likely the consequence of over-breeding. "Well, that's just what happens when you've had babies," said Stanley.

Winter's adoption papers were signed in short order and she came home to Ronnie's place, assuredly more comfortable digs than a pound or a room in a squat.

In a Facebook post about the adoption, BARCS had this to say:

"We are so proud to have amazing guys like Ronnie to be role models to the kids in our city. Not only does his single act of kindness make adoption cool, but it makes giving love to an imperfectly perfect dog a ‘manly’ thing to do."

Alexander Lewis is also worthy of praise. While Ronnie Stanley was taking the mandatory adopter class before taking Winter home, Lewis offered to carry bags of dog food for the staff.

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