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This T-mall smart warehouse, which is owned by the online retailer Alibaba and located in Huiyang, China's Guangdong Province, has seen a massive increase in productivity. It’s equipped with 60 cutting-edge robots, which can be controlled via wifi, that have tripled the warehouse’s work efficiency. This could definitely be a sign of things to come, and unfortunately, it’s not looking good for the people competing for these jobs.

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The self-charging machines transport the company’s goods from their resting places in the warehouse to wherever the human workers are located so that they can quickly arrange, package and send the products to their destinations. The robots were introduced into the 3,000 square meter, or 0.7 acre, warehouse in July. They’re called Zhu Que, which means Vermilion Bird, a spirit creature that comes from Chinese mythology.

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The robots have laser-detection technology that allows them to move effortlessly through the space without running into each other. And following their self-charging cycle, which takes only a matter of minutes, they will run for eight hours straight. They’re 35 inches long, 27 inches wide and 12 inches tall, and can travel about five feet per second carrying loads as heavy as 1,322 pounds.

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Were human workers are typically able to sort 1,500 product per shift while taking close to 30,000 steps, Zhu Que can help them double the number of products while cutting the steps down to 2,563. Also, they rotate 360 degrees and know when their batteries are low. And there are other types of warehouse robots. Check out the video below to see how Alibaba’s robots compare to Amazon’s version…

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