Snapchat's New Update Includes Music

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The ubiquitous photo and video app has made another massive stride forward. Snapchat has announced the infusion of Shazam, the music recognition technology that tells you which mystery song is playing on the radio.

If you press down on the camera screen while a song is playing nearby, Snapchat will tell you the name. It'll let you share these music discoveries through Snaps with friends.

In addition to the Shazam integration, Snapchat now let's you use a paintbrush or scissors option to edit Stories. These scissors allow Snapchatters to crop portions of their images to be placed within Snapchat's "sticker drawer."

Are you a fan of Snapchat's chat feature? With this new update, they've expanded its capacity to allow for conversations among 16 people. Pretty expansive, eh?

These updates might seem gimmicky, but these updates are vital for the app's longevity. Snapchat has been neck and neck with competitor Instagram for nearly five years, but in 2016 they've made significant steps to differentiate their brand.

Instagram has gone from offense to defense in just a few short months. Snapchat has surpassed them in audience reach and downloads, which has caused Instagram to try and emulate many of their features—identically. Features like Stories and live content were once unique to Snapchat, but have since been adopted by Instagram.

Video content is becoming king, especially in the advertising universe. Studies show that enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by around 97%, while company executives would rather watch video than read text to the tune of 59% (important to know for B2B companies).

Dr. James McQuivey, notable researcher of digital marketing topics, estimates that one minute of video content equates to about 1.8 million words. That's a really profitable ratio, for those who are bad at math. Mobile consumers are then 92% more likely than desktop users to share these videos with others—signaling another growing trend of mobile usage.

This increased trend of mobile usage means that apps will continue to have to be fine-tuned and perfected for efficiency against stiff competition. Snapchat might be ahead of the curve today, but this arbitrage is destined to narrow. The takeaway for businesses? Strike while the iron is hot. Ramp up your video content by taking advantage of the great features brought forth by this innovative visual content platform. If your audience is in their late teens or early 20's, Snapchat is where you belong. It's free, so use it!

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