The Unexpected Rewards of Wearing a Suit

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Dressing up isn't something most of us do everyday. Offices have become increasingly casual of late, as zip-ups and hoodies are overtaking the traditional button down. Does mean that suits should be forgotten? Heck no! In fact, now more than ever they can really get you places. Here are a few of the perks that come along with looking snazzy.

Better Seats

I found this out firsthand while attending a networking event once at a baseball game. Another guy and myself were able to easily skip downstairs to the lower level, even though our seats were for the upper deck. Ushers nodded and smiled at us but wouldn't dare ask to see our tickets. We basically got to see a game in seats that were way more expensive than our original ticket price. It was awesome!

Attention At The Bar

Single guys take notice. Suiting up is a fantastic way to differentiate yourself while out in the bar scene. As a wise man once said, "A well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men." Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it can't hurt to try.

Professional Leads

For every technical skill that helps qualify you for a job, you need to have the soft skills. These include things like personality, kindness, the ability to work with others, and professionalism. The latter category is partially exuded in the way you choose to dress. If you're out and about and you run into a potential client, they might actually come on-board as your real client if they see you looking slick and clean. But a suit does more than give you a nice aesthetic look, research suggests that wearing a suit helps improve a man's confidence and self-worth. It's similar to how women suddenly feel like Jillian Michaels when wearing Lululemon.

Young People Standing Out

The connotation of a man in his early twenties is that he doesn't dress sharp because he's apathetic, under-qualified, and quite frankly, poor. The latter two are a reality for most young people, but the apathy part doesn't need to be. By donning a suit you can persuade others that you're wise and confident above your years. Even if you still partake in the occasional kegger with old college buddies.

Of course this article isn't advising you wear a suit to the gym or anywhere where it's inappropriate. It's about treating yourself with respect and caring about how the rest of the world sees you.

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