The World's Worst Cities For Traffic, Guess Which One's The Worst?

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Traffic. Ugh. Being stopped on the highway for hours on end. Even more, ugh. Nobody likes sitting in their car and not moving, but some cities are far worse at that than others. Global SaaS giant Inrix has released a fresh batch of data regarding the planet's worst cities for vehicle traffic, so you'll know which areas to avoid at all costs.

The first thing to catch the eye in Inrix's study is that congestion costs U.S. drivers alone nearly $300 billion a year, averaging $1,400 per driver. Since 11 of the top 25 worst traffic cities are in America, this financial burden is pertinent.

As for the top 5, here they are:

5. Bogota, Colombia

Car traffic in Colombia's capital city is believed to have doubled in the past decade. The number of cars have gone from a meager 509,000 to well over 1,200,000, upping the daily commute time from 51 minutes to 72 minutes. In an attempt to alleviate the commuting hassle, the city has worked to improve its mass transit bus system and underground metro system.

4. San Francisco, CA

It wasn't that long ago when Los Angeles was the only California city with traffic issues. But the booming economy of the Silicon Valley has brought millions more people pouring into the region, especially the artery connecting the Silicon Valley with downtown San Francisco. It's no wonder why many tech companies offer complementary bus service to and from work for their employees.

3. New York, NY

The average New Yorker spends 89 peak hours stuck in traffic. Whether its inching across bridges or sitting in the parking lot that is I-95, there's no easy way to drive through the city. This is why mass transit is so popular. It's better to cram into a train with hundreds of strangers than it is to drive, pay a toll, then pay hundreds of dollars per day to park in Manhattan. No thanks.

2. Moscow, Russia

Well, we suppose this is a step up for Moscow. Four years ago they were rated the world's very worst city by Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom, taking away an average of five days a year from Russian drivers. Now they are second in the world, which is an improvement right?

1. Los Angeles, CA

To no one's surprise, LA takes the top spot for the worst traffic city on the planet. At 104 peak hours of congestion, it's in a league of its own—No. 2 Moscow only has 91 hours which seems like nothing in comparison. For anyone who has ever lived in LA, they know all about the nightmare that is "the 405." In fact, the I-405/I-10 transition is rated one of the world's worst. Remember this scene back at Thanksgiving?

If you're planning to move to California, try San Diego. It's the best.

When considering places to live, it's easy to decide on the biggest metropolis or the place where your dreams will come true. But trust me, you don't want daily standstill traffic to be part of your reality.

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