You'll Never Believe What's Inside This Egg

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Nature never ceases to amaze. In a freak occurrence, a giant chicken egg was laid with a smaller egg inside it. While this is actually real, it looks like something straight out of a twisted magic trick.

Stockman's Eggs

An Australian Farmer was recently surprised to find something he’d never seen before. The egg came from Stockman’s Eggs, a family farm located in Atherton Tablelands, Tropical North Queensland with over 60,000 laying hens. Even without the second egg, this would still be impressive if it was just the giant one. The farmer who found it said it is the largest egg ever produced on the farm, which has been active for almost a century. At a whopping 176 grams, it’s more than three times the size of a normal egg, and was probably more than three times as hard for the hen to lay.

Stockman's Eggs

While double and even triple yolks within a single shell are more common, this is definitely rare. It’s called a counter-peristalsis contraction, a phenomenon that occurs in the hen’s oviduct. In order to lay an egg, a hen releases an oocyte, or the ovum that becomes the yolk of an egg, from her ovary into the oviduct every 18 to 26 hours. It then travels through the oviduct organ adding layers of the egg on the way to the vent where it is laid. So basically, the egg inside the egg happened because a second oocyte was released by the ovary before the first one had completely traveled through the oviduct.

Stockman's Eggs

This produced a massive “babushka” egg that, again, couldn’t have been easy for the hen. Watch the video below to see one of these extraordinary eggs being cracked...

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