15 American Pastors Worth Millions, Who’s The Wealthiest?

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If you've ever flipped through your local channels on a Sunday morning, you've probably stumbled upon a religious service or two. These aren't your typical small town church experiences, these are part of a bigger business. Evangelizing can rake in some big bucks if you are engaging, communicative, and thoughtful. Here are the top earners in the field of preaching.

15. Minister Louis Farrakhan

Net Worth: $3 million

Originally from Bronx, New York, Farrakhan emerged on the scene as the leader of the Nation of Islam movement. Aiming to restore the name Nation of Islam for the NOI in 1981, he would continue to regain most of their properties that were lost after initially being disbanded by Elijah Muhammad's son, Warith Deen Muhammad.

He spearheaded the famous Million Man March in Washington D.C. which called for black people to renew their vows to their communities and families. He has published three popular books regarding blacks in America, and has amassed a pretty nice net worth in the process.