40-Pound Cheeseburger Pizza Costs…

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When it comes to the best kind of junk food, there’s definitely a debate between pizza and burgers. But why do we have to choose? Champion Pizza in New York City has developed an insane 40-pound cheeseburger pizza. Is this a cheeseburger that tastes like pizza or a pizza that tastes like a cheeseburger? Read ahead to learn more…

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The founder and CEO of the pizzeria, Hakki Akdeniz, said he got the idea because a lot of his patrons are young people who come into the shop asking for burgers. This is the next best thing. On top of creating this specialty, Akdeniz is a world champion of acrobatic pizza performing. He has been featured in multiple television shows, magazines and newspapers.

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Let’s look at how this unbelievable cheeseburger pizza is constructed. First, the dough is prepared and tossed like it always is, but instead of starting with sauce, it’s covered in burger toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ground beef, ketchup and slices of American cheese, as well as the much more traditional mozzarella cheese.

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This process is then repeated over and over, four times to be exact, creating multiple layers of the crazy concoction. Then comes the 10-pound Kobe beef patty, which really makes it what it is. And finally, the very top of the behemoth is prepared like a normal pizza, complete with sauce, more mozzarella cheese and a bunch of pepperoni.

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Cooking the pie isn’t easy. It actually takes four people to carry it over and slide it into the oven. Beyond its impressive size, the final product actually tastes great, but it’s not cheap. The monster cheeseburger pizza costs customers a whopping $2,000. Is it worth it?

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