A 2600 Year Old Shrine Is Found In An Unexpected Place

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A lot of secrets are hidden in the deserts across the middle east. Being that it's one of the oldest settled regions in the world, it's no surprise that there would be many lost artifacts resting below the surface.

Secret Opening in the Ground

One particular item was found in 2014, during an American and Iraqi combined mission near the city of Mosul. What was it? A secret entrance of sorts.

As allied soldiers were combing through the barren land they approached a strange sliver of metal emanating from the ground. It was an odd spot to see this, considering there was nothing between here and Mosul. Naturally, the men would approach the piece of metal with uncertainty but what they'd soon discover is pretty amazing.

What Was Underneath the Metal?

Suddenly, their SUV got stuck in the dirt right in front of this location. This prompted the men to exit the vehicle and inspect what had happened. To their surprise, the area was covered in sandbags trying to fill a gaping hole in the ground.

The crew quickly began digging away at the trench in an effort to save their SUV as well as find out what was hidden underneath the surface.

Hidden Tunnels

Soon enough, the allied forces discovered a series of secret tunnels big enough to conceal an entire underground city. These were undoubtedly abandoned by ISIS fighters during their overthrow of Mosul three years prior.

This wasn't all the soldiers would find. As they continued exploring, they'd find a lost treasure that wasn't on anyone's radar.