Ben Affleck Acts Drunk, Drugged, Disturbed On HBO Show (VIDEO)

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Bill Simmons has a new TV show on HBO, and it's off to a flying start. The other night he had Ben Affleck on the program and got a little more than he had bargained for. Affleck hasn't been seen in public much lately since his Batman movie flopped and he underwent a massive celebrity divorce from Jennifer Garner.

Affleck appeared to be under some sort of substance(s) while ranting on the injustices of HGH testing and Tom Brady's deflategate punishment in the NFL. While he was still able to make a few salient points, he was clearly unstable. F-bombs flew out of his mouth with frequency, and to the host's surprise. But it was pretty darn entertaining for us viewers.

Twitter naturally exploded with conjecture as to how Ben Affleck ended up in life's toilet. More than criticizing the actor, people are generally concerned for his well-being. It's been a tough year for Ben, so hopefully he was just having fun this one night.

Here's a clip from the show: