Central Berlin Evacuated Due To Found WWII Bomb

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Construction workers discovered the unexploded bomb on site near Berlin’s central train station. The 1,100-pound, 500-kilogram explosive has been linked all the way back to World War II.

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Disposal required around a half-mile, 800-meter radius of the the city to be evaluated, including all government ministries, embassies, businesses, homes, museums and Berlin Hauptbahnhof, or Berlin Central Station. The mass evacuation, which also stalled local bus and train routes, affected over 10,000 people, as well as two of the area’s hospitals, Charité university hospital and a military hospital. Experts, seen below, were brought in to defuse the device, with authorities saying there was no immediate danger. As crazy as this sounds, it happens in Berlin almost every two months. Throughout Germany, hundreds, sometimes thousands, of bombs are found every year.

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20,000 people were evacuated when a one-tonne bomb was found in Cologne. 60,000 people were evacuated last year when a 3,090-pound, 1,400-kilogram bomb was found in Frankfurt. A few months before, 50,000 people were forced to leave Hanover in a similar situation as today’s, when one was uncovered in a construction site. 45,000 people had to exit Koblenz, which has a population of only 90,000, when two bombs were found in the Rhine riverbed. There was even a mass evacuation one Christmas when a 4,000-pound, 1,800-kilogram bomb was discovered under a parking garage. The one below, a Russian aerial bomb, was also found in central Berlin back in 2013.


And those were the lucky ones. In January of 2012, a construction worker in Euskirchen was killed when his machine hit a bomb while he was digging. And back in June of 2010, three members of a bomb disposal squad died trying to defuse a bomb in Göttingen.