Check Out New Zealand's Natural Waterslide

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People love waterslides. From childhood into adulthood, everyone enjoys a nice Slip ’N Slide in the front yard or a summer trip to the water park. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld explained why this might be by saying, “With a Slip ’N Slide you run, and then you stop running and continue moving forward. When I was a kid that blew my mind." But what if you could have that experience without having to buy a toy or a ticket?

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Tourists and residents of New Zealand get to enjoy the Rere Rockslide, which is located within the Wharekopae River on the country’s East Coast about 30 miles north-west of Gisborne. It’s around 200-feet-long, or about 60 meters, and descends at a 30-degree slope into a big pool. Since water is, and has always been, flowing over them, the rocks are naturally smooth.

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Visitors use bodyboards, inner tubes, strips of cardboard, tires, inflatable mattresses and chairs, yoga mats, children’s pools and some even brave the slide with just their bodies. And it’s completely free to experience, you just have to get there. Because of this, it’s always pretty crowded, except for early in the morning before everyone shows up. And there are other attractions on the river…

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There’s also Rare Falls, which is 16-feet-high, or about 5 meters, and 65-feet-wide, or about 20 meters. You can actually walk behind the falling water but the rock face can be very slippery. The Eastwoodhill Arboretum is the National Arboretum of New Zealand that features exotic and native tress, shrubs and climber paintings along hiking trails and formal gardens. But the main attraction is obviously the Rere Rockslide. Check out this amazing piece of nature in the video below...