Chris Hemsworth To Star In Hulk Hogan Biopic

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Hemsworth is going to be playing Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, in an upcoming biopic. The film will be directed by Todd Phillips and penned by Scott Silver.

The Hollywood Reporter

The production is reportedly entering final talks with Netflix. It is unknown if the film will see a theatrical release, but if it's a Netflix original, it's unlikely.

Hulk Hogan is arguably the most famous figure from the world of professional wrestling. He is also one of the most controversial, especially in light of recent scandal. 

Pro Wrestling Sheet

The movie is apparently not going to touch the sex scandal and racism allegations, but instead focus on his early years as a wrestler.

Hogan was the quintessential "babyface," or good guy, espousing squeaky clean American values and entreating children to "eat their vitamins and say their prayers." The real Hogan was not so squeaky. Many wrestling fans and industry people have fingered him as one of the primary culprits in wrestlers never being able to successfully unionize.

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The Hulkster was, at the height of his popularity, one of the most famous people in the world. By Vince McMahon's admission, his popularity (and profitability) were actually outstripped by Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Attitude Era.

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