The Most Dangerous Airports From Around The World

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Flying is fun. Okay, maybe not commercial flying at times—the long security lines, delays, and cancellations aren't a day at the beach—but traveling, in general, is pretty fun.

Agatti Aerodrome

Agatti Island is a remote island off the coast of India. Unless you plan on taking a boat there, the only other option is to fly.

Being that it's located on a tiny archipelago, the airport doesn't have a lot of space for airplanes. Its runway is only 4,235 feet in length, making it too short to accommodate most commercial aircraft.

Agatti aerodrome

The facility is about to undergo an expansion, which will see the existing runway expanded by 1,100 feet. They will also construct a new terminal building and parking area. Soon, it will be able to handle an Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. Back when it was built in 1988, the only plane it could take was a Dornier 228.