Does This Sea Creature Have Legs?

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We don’t often see marine mammals from underneath, which maybe explains why most have never really thought about what that part of them, specifically beluga whales, looks like. According to this picture, they have legs. This is something someone noticed years ago, as far back as sailors thinking they were mermaids, and is still being debated all across the internet. But marine biologist would like to clarify the debate.

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According to the professionals, beluga whales aren’t hiding a pair of legs, they just happened to have symmetrical, bone-like features below their thick, rubbery skin. While it certainly look like legs, and serves an equally important purpose, this aspect of the mammal actually has nothing to do with how they get around. Instead, the blubber, yes blubber, resembles legs because of how it’s formed, as long cylinders. And due to the fact that beluga whales typically find themselves in frigid Arctic and sub-Arctic waters, they need insulation, which they store as extra fatty rails along their sides.

Twitter - @mashable

One of the professionals who chimed in on the analysis credits the confusion to the camera angle coincidentally catching the blubber moving. It makes up around 40 percent of their weight, and is especially visible when they move, but this occasionally creates the illusion of human-like features. And in regard to the aforementioned mermaid theory, scientists say it's just a tall tale and that sailors never felt this way. But, belugas are very vocal, and have even been known to attempt to mimic human speech. Maybe these "canaries of the sea” fooled seafaring voyagers into thinking a mythical creature was singing to them. Watch the video below for more info about these magical marine mammals...