Google Has A Great New Way To Digitize Photos

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Do you have old photos you're looking to get digitized? There's no reason to let them sit and collect dust in your photo albums. Google Photos has released a dedicated photo scanner in its new app, PhotoScan.

PhotoScan isn't fancy, but it can quickly effectively transfer photographs into your smartphone without difficulty. Other scanning apps focus more on documents, making them insufficient when it comes to preserving the quality of photos.

Google's creation always for pinpoint precision when it comes to intelligently detecting edges and straightening the image exactly the way you want it. PhotoScan automatically removes bright, annoying glare in the form of white pixels, and uses a built-in image correction to alter inconsistencies in color and exposure levels.

For each scan, PhotoScan displays four dots in the shape of a rectangle. These surround a clear circle in the middle, which you will use to center the image before scanning.


Remember when advanced photo editing required the use of Adobe Photoshop? Well, not anymore. Google Photos allows for a number of the same editing features, including Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, and Whites. Like Instagram, you can add all sorts of fun filters to each image. There are at least 12 different stylistic enhancements you can make based on a combination of your own judgement and machine intelligence.

PhotoScan then allows users to transfer their photos onto an internal drive, or share them via social media.

There's another feature worth noting. Google Photos can take your images and produce an automatically generated movie around special events. For example, if you have a collection of photos from a wedding in the 90's, the app can throw them into a slideshow commemorating the occasion.

Do you have parents who are clinging to their photo albums from the last 20 years? I think we all do. This is an easy way for them to step into the realm of digitization. Google Photos requires a couple clicks and that's it!


The only issue you might run into is storage space, or lack thereof. Your phone could quickly fill up with images unless you're regularly transferring them to a separate computer or hard drive. Try to make sure you're checking the space available on a consistent basis.

Google Photos is another step towards two things, a) using a smartphone for everything, and b) using Google for everything. When a company develops their products so adroitly, there's no way we can pass up on using them.