Guy Builds Incredible Working Replica Of Dutch F-16 Military Fighter Jet From Scratch

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Chances are, you've never seen a Dutch Orange F-16 Military Fighter Jet up close. But if you have, you know that it's an impressive piece of machinery. The F-16 fighter jet is the instrument of choice for the F-16 Solo Display Team, an aerobatics display team of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The team is currently based in Leeuwarden Air Base in the Dutch province of Friesland and performs air shows all over Europe.

Take a gander at the beauty of the Dutch F-16 military fighter jet.

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“One Team, One Task" is the motto of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. It's also the motto of the F-16 Solo Display Team. The Solo Display Demo Team is comprised of personnel from the 323 and 322 Squadrons based out of Leeuwarden Airbase. The team consists one display pilot, four display coaches, eight technical specialists and a webmaster.

The 2014 F-16 Solo Display Demo Team.

F-16 Demo Team F-16 Demo Team

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Captain "Slick" of the 2014-2015 Demo Team is flying his first season as the display pilot for the RNLAF F-16 Demo Team, which focuses on the Dutch orange F-16 fighter jets. His goal to give an accurate illustration of the F-16's outstanding maneuverability and skill set that every Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 fighter pilot must master.

F-16 Vipers in flight during an air show at the Dutch Air Force Days in 2013.

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As the military continues to release engineering marvels, new developments allow for a level of versatility that the Fathers of Flight had never thought to be possible. But while it's no surprise that the military has the power and the abilities to build amazing aircrafts, many civilians are also trying their hand at creating the impossible. Among the many aircraft enthusiasts, one man attempted an awe-inspiring feat to create a 1:4 working model of the Dutch F-16.

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Although the Dutch Demo team's version of the F-16 demonstrates beautiful maneuvers, this particular RC F-16 fighter jet is replicated based on the original version of the plane that features maneuvers used during standard military operations. The shockingly accurate version of the jet-engine plane, built at a scale of 1:4, took its maiden flight in 2010. The video of the flight went viral soon thereafter.

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 See the full video of the model Dutch F-16 taking flight.

The working model of the Dutch Orange F-16 demo is indication that great things are to come in the modern world of model airplanes. Remote controlled aircraft now have the same capabilities as their counterparts, so much so that the Federal Aviation Administration struggles to distinguish models from drones. One can only speculate what these new developments will lead to in the flight world.

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