The Most Heavily Armed States In the Country, Ranked

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49. Delaware

There are 4.2 guns per thousand Delaware residents. That's 3,907 guns averaged over 925,749 people.

Delaware is technically a "may issue" state for concealed carry permits, but in practice is a "shall-issue" state. Delaware typically issues concealed carry permits to anyone who qualifies for them. Delaware also generally allows open carry without a permit.

Two gun enthusiasts are seen here in attendance of a gun event in Delaware.

48. Michigan

There are 4.3 guns per 1,000 Michigan residents. That number is averaged from 42,855 registered guns dispersed between 9,895,622 residents.

Michigan is a "shall issue" state for concealed carry permits. They grant permits to anyone over 21 years of age who is not legally barred from obtaining one.

Open carry is generally permitted in Michigan. Handgun sales are required to be registered with local police departments.

47. Massachusetts

There is an average of 4.9 firearms per 1,000 Massachusetts residents. That average is derived from 32,682 guns owned among 6,692,824 people.

Massachusetts is a "may issue" state in regards to concealed carry permits. Issuing authorities must provide written explanation whenever denying an applicant a permit, and the decision may be appealed. Requirements for issuance and privileges granted to permit holders vary from police precinct to police precinct.

Open carry of handguns is lawful if the carrier possesses a Class A unrestricted license to carry firearms (LTC-A). The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in 2013 that LTC-A holders are not legally culpable for any alarm caused by open carrying.