Here's How Snapchat Is Taking Over Your iPhone Camera

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The picture-snapping app has announced a big change in format this week. Their newest feature, 'Memories', will allow users to import images from their phone's Camera Roll to be used in Snaps or Stories. It's a move that indicates Snapchat's desire to become an Instagram 2.0, but it has some users concerned about privacy issues.

So, what if you've taken photos on your Camera Roll that you aren't too thrilled about sharing with other Snapchat users? Especially if your parents are on there... yuck. Well the company has a solution. It's a feature called 'My Eyes Only' which allows you to select certain photos that you'd like to give more clandestine treatment. Nice, right? You just have to remember to select that option. If not, grandma might accidentally stumble upon something awkward when she goes to snoop through your pictures.

Of course, the announcement has featured piles of blowback from the internet community, most lamenting about how the company is losing its authenticity.

But this is clearly a proactive maneuver by Snapchat to build upon their current momentum. At this rate, how much longer will we need Instagram? That's what they want.

As far as privacy issues are concerned, the same logic applies as with any social media app. If you suddenly have the urge to take a questionable photo, wait 5 minutes and see if it still seems like a great idea.