Hilarious Church Signs Are Trending On Twitter

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There’s something about an accidentally funny road sign that can really cheer up a boring car ride. Especially when the sign is normally reserved for more straightforward messages.

Twitter - @aprilfiet

Of all the locations we drive by on a daily basis, few are more serious than a church. So when their signs are funny, whether accidentally or on purpose, they definitely stand out. Twitter users have been tweeting pictures of hilarious church signs and these are some of our favorites.

Twitter - @iamjohnburnett

Other great modern technological references from church signs read, “Adam & Eve, The First People To Not Read The Apple Terms & Conditions.” and “ Jesus Is The Waze: G-lorious, P-ersonal, S-avior.” Churches can be hip too.

Twitter - @therevty

Some churches take breaks from promoting their own interests to cheer on sports teams during the playoffs. Others try to help with stuff that's going on in the town, with one sign actually saying “Moose on the Loose Stay Tuned.” Hope they found that moose.

Twitter - @jamienpeterson1

And then others, like the one above, try to combine seriousness and humor and the results are always amusing. Like a similar approach of "Spread the gospel, not the gossip.” Classic.

Twitter - @bvbbysoxer

Every once in a while you’ll see one that really knocks it out of the park. Other hilarious messages read, “Forbidden Fruits Create Many Jams,” and “Need A Lifeguard? Ours Walks On Water,” and “What Is Missing From Ch ch…” with “U R” at the bottom. Stay on the lookout for other funny signs that could totally brighten up your day.