Most Hilarious Internet Images About Recent NBA Free Agency

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Remember the summer of 2010? That was the off-season when everyone and their mother got signed by new teams. It was dubbed a free agency extravaganza of unprecedented proportions. Well, this week's signings alone blow that era out of the water. With Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade making the biggest splash in recent NBA history, the internet has exalted in hilarity.

Among the top creations...

dwyane-wade-has-signed-with-chicago-dwyanewade-wade-heat-bulls-3006910 On Sizzle

sc-hea-heat-fans-not-updating-their-2k-roster-for-3006614 (1) dwayne wade bulls On Sizzle

Dwayne Wade bulls Heavy

Dwayne Wade bulls Youtube - What's Trending

Dwayne Wade bulls (2) IMG Flip

screenshot_2016-07-04_at_2-5 dwayne wade kevin durant bulls Heavy

kd-russell-westbrook-meme (1) dwayne wade bulls kevin durant Gossip on This

kd-lebron-james-memes kevin durant bulls Gossip on this