An Ice Hotel In Sweden Could Be A Great Place For A Romantic Getaway

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Sweden is a cold place. After all, much of it lies north of the Arctic Circle. In the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi, they are embracing their climate by having a subzero hotel, composed of the region's most ample resource—ice.

Welcome to ICEHOTEL 365, a hotel that announced it will operate 365 days a year, bringing its guests a uniquely cold experience. In addition to beautiful ice sculptures and ice cocktail bars, there is also an ice church for weddings.

More than 40 designers from 9 countries have worked on the hotel over a period of 27 years.


The ice that is used is courtesy of the nearby Torne River, which passes through both Sweden and Finland. In its basin, the water reaches a total area of 14,400 square miles.

One of the main disadvantages, or unique characteristics, of a hotel made of ice is the fact that it needs to be built and rebuilt every year. This inconvenient truth has been a reality since 1989. But now, it's finally getting a redesign to make it a more permanent structure. In the summer months, it will be kept intact via solar-powered cooling technology.

ICEHOTEL founder, Yngve Bergqvist, said "the nature and environment surrounding the buildings are not only a huge source of inspiration for the ICEHOTEL, but are also necessary to create the hotel year on year."

In addition to the ubiquitous presence of ice, there are also "warm rooms" complete with saunas for those looking to actually enjoy themselves amidst the harsh weather. In the past, the hotel would close in the Spring when it got too warm to facilitate ice.

Sweden isn't the only country with an ice hotel. They are also found in Canada, Finland, Norway, and Romania.

So now you're probably wondering about rates. To put it bluntly, they ain't cheap. ICEHOTEL 365 has an average rate of $1,000+ American dollars per night throughout December—and it appears that only "cold rooms" are currently available. Sorry to those with propensities for hypothermia.


For businesses who just want to use the facilities for a day, prices are more reasonable. You're looking at a mere $57.23 for a meeting space and amenities.

One of the primary natural features of this region are the northern lights. This phenomenon alone is a major draw for visitors of this hotel, and northern Sweden in general.