Meet The Car That Can Actually Flip Over

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A man named Milo Luijben, a YouTuber who specializes in autocross and building crazy automobile-related creations, has modified a Volkswagen Golf to make the RollGolf, a car that can rollover and keep going.

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He first had to shorten the chassis, then, of course, add the roll cage, which can carry the car forward. While he’s been able to work on and develop the design, it didn’t immediately work as well as he’d hoped. This is typically the case with something so different and new, but that didn’t stop him from improving his idea.

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He’s been experimenting with this type of creation since 2012, and even then was able to successfully flip a car with an added roll cage. Sadly, when his shop burned down in a fire, the RollGolf, and all his other projects, were destroyed. But instead of taking that as a sign to quit, Milo kept going and got back to work on building a new RollGolf.

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He cut the entire car in half, removed the midsection and then welded it back together. He actually got rid of so much of the original body that only half of it remained, making it the shortest version of the RollGolf yet. Even before he added the roll cage, the shorter design made it primed for flipping after any quick stop.

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He completed the build by adding the roll cage, along with some extra supports just to safe. While they make it a bit harder to get in and out, they prevent the roll cage from being crushed under the weight of the car. Once he finished the RollGolf, he uploaded videos of the process and they have since gone viral. Check out some of the footage below...