Michael B Jordan Starts Mentorship Program For Underrepresented Youth

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Actor Michael B. Jordan has started an internship and mentoring program for young men of color who are seeking careers in media and the arts. 


The organization, named the Outlier Fellowship, is meant to help fix the problem of underrepresentation of people of color in film, television and other media.

The group was formed under his production company, Outlier Society, and is partnered with My Brother's Keeper Alliance, which was formed under the Obama Foundation.

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The programming consists of a summer internship program for high school and college students. During the program, the participants will receive mentorship from men in their desired fields and will also receive skills training and the chance to network with industry professionals.

Jordan said during the program's announcement, "It's something I always promised myself that once I got a production company, I would be able to do that."


"Outlier Fellows is a chance to find and cultivate a purposeful pipeline of talented and diverse minds from the next generation - the voices who will shape our community for years to come. Pulling up a seat to the table for the next group of cultural leaders is the greatest investment we can make as a community."

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