NBA All-Star Weekend Signals The Launch of a New Google Virtual Reality App

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VR technology has made serious strides over the past couple years. The next step towards its ubiquity comes this weekend, with a new series called House of Legends. Created by the NBA as part of their new virtual reality app for Google's Daydream platform, the talk show features former NBA players like Bruce Bowen, Robert Horry, and Chauncey Billups who discuss their careers, elements of pop culture, and the current goings-on in the NBA.

360 content gives fans a more intimate perspective of the sport than ever before. While NBA League Pass (the streaming platform offered by the league) has been streaming one game a week in VR for this entire season, they are looking to extend their reach into other content.

Starting today, you can use NBA VR for free and enjoy House of Legends. It's exclusive to Daydream and available in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Over the coming months, new and improved 360-degree video content will come out.

Most importantly, you will be able to fully embrace the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend festivities from the comfort of your own headset. The slam dunk and three point contests will be seen like never before, through the lens of a courtside camera. Then on Sunday you can enjoy watching all of the stars of the sport in the actual All-Star game itself.

Although virtual reality has exploded largely in the gaming world, we've been waiting excitedly for the 'real' sports world to embrace the technology. Earlier in 2016, Fox Sports and NextVR joined forces to broadcast live soccer games, including a matchup between defending Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen.

The 2016 Rio Olympics was another testing ground for VR sports coverage. Although the events weren't typically streamed until the day after they took place, it gave viewers from around the world a fun look at the future of international sports broadcasting.

It's also being offered for Fox's coverage of the Daytona 500 and Big East basketball tournament.

This year also saw the airing of the first VR Super Bowl. Yep, fans could feel like they were watching the big game from Houston, when in reality they could lounge around their house and drink much cheaper beer. Although they couldn't watch the entire game live, in its entirety. Being offered regular highlights was still a nice foray into VR for newbies of the technology.

For those who already own a VR headset, I'm jealous. Enjoy the festivities of this NBA All-Star Weekend!

On the fence about it? Here's some footage that might help you decide.