Postal Worker Hid 17,000 Pieces Of Undelivered Mail

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With the snail mail system becoming more and more irrelevant, this kind of story is definitely another nail in the coffin. If you’ve ever been worried that an important letter or package wouldn’t make it to its destination, brace yourself...

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Someone called in a tip to the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General after they came across a Nissan Pathfinder filled to the brim with a bunch of mailbags. Agents followed up and found 20 blue post office bags full of mail that was never delivered. They found the employee who lived closest to the where the vehicle was parked in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights and questioned him. Aleksey Germash confirmed that the Pathfinder was his and that he had, in fact, been hoarding the mail for over a decade. They recovered 17,000 pieces of undelivered mail, 10,000 from the vehicle, 6,000 from his apartment and 1,000 from his locker at work. Garmash said he’d hidden them because he was “overwhelmed,” and instead chose "to deliver the important mail.”

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He’s now being charged in federal court with detaining and delaying mail, but was released on $25,000 bail. This type of incident isn’t uncommon, with 336,900 postal employees having to deliver 154 billion pieces of mail annually. 409 employees have been arrested out of the 1,354 who have been investigated for similar cases in just the last year. Some of these are theft-related, with others resembling this most recent one. There have even been much worse discoveries, with one instance of 20,000 pieces of hidden mail found and another of over 40,000. It’s hard not to think about Newman from Seinfeld, Jerry’s mailman arch-nemesis. Check out the classic clip below to see why...