The Deep Freeze Is Making Midwest Colder Than Antarctica

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A major weather event, called a 'polar vortex,' has plunged much of the Midwest into freezing temperatures. The freeze, which is only getting worse, has already killed three people. Chicago is recording temperatures that are actually colder than some parts of Antarctica.

Fox News

The weather has grounded over two thousand flights. Chicago is expected to reach an historic record low of -27 degrees Fahrenheit by Thursday. Tomorrow, the high during the day might only climb to -15 degrees.

Priestly Glacier in Antarctica will, during this time, have a daytime high of 6 degrees, and will drop to a low of -7.

York Daily Record

While Chicago is the worst hit city in the Midwest, the cold front is affecting multiple states. About a quarter of the country's population is projected to experience extreme cold this week.

Especially dangerous are the freezing wind chills, that can drop air temperature as low as -60 degrees. J. B. Pritzker, governor of Illinois, has already declared a state of emergency. He has warned that even a short duration of time spent outdoors can be fatal.

Winona Daily News

People who live in the Midwest have been advised to stay indoors as much as possible and also to check on the wellbeing of their neighbors. As conditions continue to deteriorate, mortal threats will continue to mount.

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