The Super Monster Robot Wolf is Real

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Scarecrows have been used to protect crops for centuries. They not only play a large role in the world of farming, but have also been a pretty big part of pop culture, as well. Most are modeled after the look of a human, dressed in tattered old clothes and placed strategically throughout the fields to scare away birds and other animals that threaten the life of whatever is growing there. Other techniques have been used for similar purposes, like lights, loud noises, electrical fences and even extra hot chili peppers as elephant repellent. But what happens when these things stop working?

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Enter the Super Monster Robot Wolf. This new invention is taking farm protection to the next level. It is 65-cm long, 50 cm-tall, covered in realistic fur and genuinely terrifying. Beyond the huge white fangs and flashing red eyes, it will actually light up and howl if it detects an approaching animal within its effective radius of around one kilometer. One of the biggest problems with scarecrows and other previously used tools is that they don’t really move and the animals get used to them, making their presence less and less threatening over time. But the solar-rechargebale Super Monster Robot Wolf addresses this problem with a variety of howling sounds to keep things interesting.

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While it was designed to prevent wild boar, the wolf’s natural enemy, from ravaging rice and chestnut crops, it’s now going into mass production and could help with all kinds of issues. This decision comes as the result of a successful testing phase by Japan Agricultural Co-operatives on the farmlands of Kisarazu City in the area’s eastern Chiba prefecture. Farmers will be able to purchase a model for around half a million dollars, or lease one monthly for a much more reasonable price. Check out the video below to see the Super Monster Robot Wolf in action...