The USS Missouri Survived World War II, And It Still Looks Fantastic

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This isn't just any U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship, this is one that now watches over the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. Launched on January 29, 1944, 50 years later it would fight in Operation Desert Storm. Although it's not quite as gigantic as modern-day battleships, the USS Missouri is still a formidable vessel, and as you're about to see, a very interesting one.

USS Missouri, aka Big Mo

Not only is it a "fast battleship," but the USS Missouri is also very large. Though it's nowhere near the size of say, a Midway or Kitty Hawk class vessel, which are aircraft carriers, the Missouri is still one of the largest battleships in existence. It's narrowly longer than the 863 ft Yamato class battleships that were owned by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, and sunk.