There's A Reason These Tattoos Look Like Kids Drew Them

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These tattoos look like they’re made by children because they were. While the kids obviously weren’t responsible for actually applying the ink, they did draw the images.

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Tattoos have gone from being a niche element of the culture to a mainstream fashion accessory. Where they once acted as an extreme symbol of a fringe part of the population, they’re now so common many businesses stopped banning their visibility years ago.

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With this newfound popularity and acceptance comes plenty of creative variations on the permanent art form. This one especially stands out, seeing as it not only speaks to the more emotional connections many have to their body art, but also challenges the conventions most follow when choosing their designs.

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While many parents’ tattoos are related to their children in one way or another, with names or portraits applied for various reasons, this new trend is absolutely taking it up a notch. It started when the father of a child with autism decided to get tattoos of the boy’s therapeutic drawings. This caught on and a mother was inspired to ink her son’s drawings following an anxiety-inducing encounter with a bad storm.

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The possibilities are endless considering how creative children can be. As crazy as the idea sounds, the style has a really interesting look and the tattoos will always be original and unique. Along with the visual elements, the emotional representation is just as powerful.

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Some of the tattoos are drawings of real people or animals, while others are more imaginative and mean something to both the parents and the kids. This goes way beyond just putting the drawings on the refrigerator.

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