These Impressive U.S. Fighting Ships Are Worth Bragging About, U-S-A!

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The United States Navy has a long tradition of producing some of the planet's most stunning engineering models to ever hit the high seas. Here are the most impressive of the bunch. These are the ones that are truly worth bragging to other countries about.

Technical Research Ship

The only naval ship from the Banner class is the Pueblo (AGER-2). It was captured by North Korean forces in 1968 while on a surveillance mission, and had its 83-member crew held and tortured before being let go into the control of U.S. customs. Shockingly, the USS Pueblo remains docked in North Korea and serves as an attraction for visitors.

Patrol Ships

Part of the Cyclone class, little patrol ships such as the USS Hurricane are assigned the challenging task of guarding our nation's coastlines. They move swiftly for their size and can fire off machine guns and auto grenade launchers if problems arise.

USS Pueblo, 1967

Another Banner-class ship, this one is classified as an environmental research ship that is attached to Navy intelligence as a spy ship. It was attacked and captured by North Koreans on January 23, 1968 during the eponymous "Pueblo incident." The subsequent abuse and torture of its crew worked to further escalate Cold War tensions.