This Just Washed Up On The Beach…

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Visitors of Florida’s Daytona Beach got an unexpected surprise when mysterious bundles suddenly appeared on the shore. The giant, wrapped bricks caused many to investigate, leading to an amazing discovery. The beachgoers of Volusia, Flagler and St. Johns counties ripped through the packaging and found massive amounts of marijuana.

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Many believe they came from a capsized boat due to the destructive Hurricane Florence that has been brutalizing the Atlantic coast. As to be expected, not everyone thought the next move would be calling the police and reporting the find. Instead, some wanted to take the marijuana for themselves. Unfortunately, others had the same idea, and this lead to actual fights.

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Concerned citizens called the cops to report the bundles, as well as the disputes around them. Some of these individuals got involved in the scuffles to try to keep the packages there until the police arrived, adding even more chaos to the event. It was quite the scene, as over 100 pounds have been found over the last couple days, and that doesn’t include the ones that some managed to get away with.

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The rectangular, black-taped bricks had no stamps or markings on them. According to the authorities, some traffickers will actually use these identifiers in their shipments, but not these. Apparently, some could have even traveled through the water as far as Puerto Rico, and there’s no way to know how long they’ve been adrift. The found items have since been turned over for further investigation to the Customs and Border Protection. What's even more incredible, is that this isn't abnormal. Illegal items wash ashore frequently, but this amount in this many days is what makes this weekend's event so unusual.

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