This New Age Military Humvee is Bigger and Badder than Before

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We all know that Hummers are very expensive vehicles for civilians to purchase. Now imagine how much the military variety must cost. You guessed it, a lot. Let's introduce the new Oshkosh L-ATV aimed at replacing the aging Hummer.

Replacing a Vehicle from 1985

The Pentagon's next weapon in heavy truck artillery, this new age "Humvee" isn't really a Humvee. Traditional military Humvees have been all the rage since 1985, when the first one was produced by AM General.

Lighter Combat Vehicle

This new addition is a Light Combat All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV). It's a product of the Pentagon's Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program that was tasked to deliver something with greater flexibility from the Humvees of yesteryear.

2006-2007 Prompted The Change

Back when the improvised explosive devices were going off in Iraq, the Army and Marines needed a solution. IEDs were the cause of death for 60 percent of American casualties at that point. It got so bad that soldiers had to resort to desperate measures for their safety...